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The Yummiest, Oooiest, Gooiest Rice Krispie Treats EVER

on September 14, 2012

My husband is a sucker for rice krispie treats, and I am a sucker for baking/cooking, so I make in in hopes to always make the perfect rice krispie. I could never get it right. I followed the instructions on the rice krispie boxes and marshmallow packages, but they were always crispy-crunchy rather than ooey-gooey, and that is not what you want from a rice kripie treat! BUT I FINALLY DID IT, thanks to a fellow blogger ‘ Bees Knees Recipes

Ooey Gooey Rice Krispie Treats

1/2 c. butter
6 c. mini marshmallows (it’s important that they’re mini)
5 c. Rice Krispies
1 t. vanilla
1 c. chocolate chips, or m&m’s, or colored sprinkles, etc. (optional)

Butter a 9×13″ pan (and line with wax paper, if you want). In a large pot, melt the butter over medium-low heat (cut it into pieces to speed up the process). Add the marshmallows, and stir constantly until most the marshmallows have lost shape, but not all of them (if you wait too long and all the marshmallows have melted, you will have a firmer rice krispie treat). Take the pan off the heat, add the vanilla (the mixture will bubble), and stir in the rice krispies, as well as any optional ingredient. Mix thoroughly and then immediately spoon into the prepared pan. Wait ten minutes, and then push the top of the rice krispies down to pat them in more uniformly, either with your fingers or the bottom of a measuring cup. Wait an hour or so in order to cut them, but they will be sticky!

One word: YUMMMY

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